Sunday, November 15, 2009

love in living color.

Our engagement photos were taken last week in Dallas by the fabulous Brooke Ogilvie! She is in Lubbock, but traveled all the way to Dallas for our shoot. Not only is she a great photographer, she is the sweetest person you may ever meet. We had a lot of fun taking pictures all over Dallas. She posted a few pictures from our session and I will post my favorites here. I am not going to upload a facebook album until we have all of the photos from our shoot(which will be in 2-3 weeks.) So here are a few sneak peek pictures of Taylor and I......

Saturday, November 14, 2009


You know what bothers me this Saturday at 9am? All of these bandwagon TCU football fans. FYI: You have had a good football team for years! And (besides my FAVORITE TCU cheerleader Melissa) TCU's fans rarely even make it out of the parking lot and into the stadium. Lots of tailgating, but not enough support for their amazing team. It took college game day and a #4 ranking to get people to the game. (I know-I had THREE people call/text me to borrow my TCU student ID to get into the game today.) There are TCU facebook groups about "getting out of the parking lot and into the stadium..."

And my poor, poor AGGIES! Aggie football clearly isn't about winning or being #4.... It's about supporting our football team no matter WHAT they're doing. (Even if it's losing to Colorado 34-35.....) It is one of the biggest difference about being an AGGIE vs. being a Horned Frog. You don't have to be a TCU football fan if you attend TCU, but goodness you WILL BE AN AGGIE FOOTBALL FAN if you attend A&M. and you will make it into the stadium before game time. We may not have an undefeated record, but we sure do love our team :)

Okay, I'm off my soap box. I will always cheer for my horned frogs, because that's where my college adventures unfolded! And, I did make it to the games ;) More importantly, if Texas doesn't win out..... TCU could go to the National Championship. So, the AGGIES beating t.u. would help my ags AND my horned frogs?! GIG 'EM!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a day in the life of a substitute teacher..

Luckily, kindergartners and first graders haven't quite figured out how to play pranks (YET...) However, subbing these little ones has definitely kept me on my toes. So far, I have:

-subbed a bilingual kindergarten class (clearly they forgot to request a BILINGUAL sub) and I had to dig deep to remember Senor Navarro's vocab lessons....
-had a 5 year old boy tell me, "I told my mom you were so cute that I was going to marry you. I told her I'm gonna marry my substitute teacher!"
-been called every variation of my name possible (Miss Garrison is clearly too complex)
-had a girl wet her pants because she "forgot she had to go to the bathroom."
but my favorite.....

"We wish you were our real teacher, Miss Garrison!"

......prayers every day for my own classroom next year :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby, just say YES....


Taylor, (my taylor!) I need to go to this concert. I know, I know, you NEED to go? I can just hear him now: "Don't you know the difference between a need and a want, Rachel?" YES I DO. and I still NEED to go.

Don't let my pretend quote from Taylor fool you, he is also a T. Swift fan. Do you even know how many road trips we have spent jamming out to her albums?? Too many! I, however, have been listening to her long before her awkward moment with Kanye stunned America. I secretly feel like (if we, you know, met) we would seriously be best friends. (Well, that's not so secret anymore....) Her first album captured my heart and I am sure Taylor Swift MUST have dated the same boys I have...... and gone through every teenage experience just like I did. See, soul mates!

I just watched my DVR'd Oprah from yesterday (hello, my girl was on!) and I cried. I CRIED! You have to go and watch the show--it tugged on my heart strings. Are you listening, Amanda??! She is such a well grounded, inspiring little lady and I HAVE to see her live. I don't care if I am surrounded by 12-15 year old girls with T.Swift shirts on. I have to be there!

ps-The Monday after Taylor proposed he sent me this text:
"I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress. It's a love story, baby just say yes." :)

See you March 11th, T. Swift.....

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have been doodling monograms for months now (on paper, napkins, school work, etc...) and finally sat down and tried to work on one on the computer today. Look what I came up with:

I would like to find a way to incorporate some green in the monogram, but for now, this will do!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding update

Guess what's going on 10 months from now?! OH no big thing, just my WEDDING DAY! Can you believe it? I can't.... On October 11th, Taylor and I will have been engaged for six months....six sweet, sweet months.

Having said that, I should really be rocking and rolling with wedding planning! So here are the updates as of late:

WE HAVE BOOKED OUR DREAM BAND!!!!!!!!!! Taylor and I went to a wedding in Longview back in July and absolutely fell in love with the band that played at their reception. And what do ya know? They're Houston based! So naturally, I was convinced this band was made to play at our wedding. They play so many genres, it is sure to be a good time on the dance floor. For a sneak peak at Dry Water, visit their website!

Thanks to Megan Goforth, we found Brooke Ogilvie out of Abilene and I KNEW we had to have her. She is truly talented and we cannot wait to have her photograph our wedding. I was a huge stickler about picking the perfect photographer, which is why I have been researching them for four months......... Luckily, persistency pays off! Brooke will be capturing moments of our special day next July 31 and I am beside myself excited. She will also be doing our engagement shoot (in November!) and my bridal portraits next spring. Check Brooke out!

If you can't tell, I am super excited about the recent vendors we have picked out and booked for THE BIG DAY. In my mind, the band, photographer and videographer (in the works!) are the most time sensitive elements in wedding planning. Florist and cake extraordinaire to come!

On a side note- The AGGIES are playing Arkansas at Cowboy Stadium this Saturday! We will be out there tailgating ALL day (even roasting a pig!) and then the big game is at 6:30. I am SUPER pumped to spend the day with all of our Dallas Aggies. BTHO ARKANSAS!

Monday, August 24, 2009

case of the mondays.

"Two are better than one.
If one falls down, his friend can help him up.
If two lie down together, they will keep warm."
Ecclesiastes 4:9-11

I am so very thankful for my sweet Taylor. I don't know why I am so deserving of a love like this, but I am certain that this kind of love is Heaven sent. Taylor has taught me that love doesn't have to be difficult- that when it's meant to be, it comes easily. Ah, what a lucky lady I am! Sorry this is a corny post-but I had such a rough day, and Taylor completely turned it around (and he's at work!) I can't wait to marry this man!

Monday, August 17, 2009

beautiful love.

So maybe I am a good week late on posting this, but better late than never.....

Last Saturday (8.8.09!), Ivy and Troy were married! It was absolutely magnificent. In fact, I don't know if there are enough beautiful words to describe their day, so I am going to post pictures. I will say, however, it exemplified this wonderful love they share with one another, and could not have portrayed their personalities in a better fashion. They are such remarkable people and I am honored to know them both. I cherish Ivy and her family dearly and enjoyed watching them soak in those happy moments on Saturday. Such wonderful people.

A glimpse into Ivy becoming Troy's WIFE.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

sweet peace.

"Pain throws your heart to the ground,
Love turns the whole thing around...
No, it won't all go the way, it should,
But I know the heart of life is good."
-John Mayer

My mom always tells me to "pray for peace within yourself; for when you are at peace, there is not much else you need." So that's what I do. I don't pray for a job, I don't pray that my heart stops missing my home so dearly, I don't even pray for answers to all of my questions. I just pray for peace. I pray that God's love and strength will consume my entire being so completely that peace will occupy my heart. Without doubt and worry and fear and anger, I have much more strength to believe--strength to believe that everything is unfolding just as it should. Sometimes I just want to scream at God "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?! DO YOU EVEN HEAR ME??" and so I do. And He reminds me that faith in Him is a mighty, mighty thing. He reminds me that my timing is not His timing (does he not know I'm a control freak?) Ah, yes, He does. What a wonderful, peaceful feeling...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Water logged.

Remember back in January when I woke up at 3am to find my house with 3 inches of standing water? and the weeks of industrial fans/humidifiers and carpet/floor replacements? Well, last night about 10pm, my roommate's bathroom flooded. and part of her room. A pipe in the wall broke and the water was rushing into her bathroom and closet. My room is fine (thank goodness-I couldn't deal with 2 floods in 6 months..) but her bathroom and bedroom need repairs and our water is OFF. So I am sitting at Taylor's apartment watching Full House and job searching/blogging. I was planning on heading to my parent's house on Thursday, but I may just head back tomorrow. I am not sure that I want to deal with the AMLI's poor management and maintenance team..... no telling how long this debacle could take.

On a lighter note, I really really need a new book to read. I want to read something all-consuming, something I can't put down! I have been heartbroken since I finished Twilight in June and just can't seem to find a good book. I don't need anymore vampire tales, but I just need some good recommendations! I started reading Something Borrowed and had to stop--I just can't read a book that condones unfaithful relationships, lying and friends betraying life long friends over men. It was like a grown up, New York version of my life junior year of college and I do not plan on reliving that saga! So, all book suggestions are welcomed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All things WEDDING.

My fiance calls me "ridiculously oranized," my future mother in law calls me "gifted," and my mom "just can't believe this OCD child is hers." Maybe I am over the top with my organization and cleanliness (doesn't everyone color coordinate their closets according to seasons?) but it's the only way I can function. I also L-O-V-E all things crafty and creative (enter my favorite store: Hobby Lobby.) I have made several scrapbooks and really enjoy them, but they take so long to complete from start to finish. So I figured I would combine my wedding planning and scrapbook-ish/crafty side into one fun "project!"

Enter: "All things Wedding" book.
^ My wedding book + my wedding notebook/journal (with tabs of course-thanks, Target.)

^ First 2 pages of my two toned binder!
(That happen to be eerily close to my wedding colors!)

^ A little inspiration-Rachel style :)

^This is from the bouquet section, I believe..

^ A cake page

The back of the binder! It's a collage I made of different magazine cut outs
that encompasses my wedding colors to a tee.
My inspiration is a peacock feather: think rich blues, emeralds, ivories and golds!

I use this to organize all of my great wedding magazine/wedding blog finds. It's my "master" wedding planning book that travels with me A LOT of places. Wedding vendors we have visited just love my picture references, so it has been a hit thus far! and hey, wedding planning is supposed to be fun, right? :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

jobless bum

I need a job. badly. School cannot start soon enough........ Can you believe I'm saying that? but I need a job. I need money. I need to start substituting! I have applied to a job or two outside of teaching in the classroom, but I have a feeling they are looking for someone with more experience....JUST MY LUCK! I just keep wishin, and hopin and prayin........ :)

You'd think all of this "working from home" (region 10 schoolwork online) would be relaxing. You'd think I would enjoy not having to set an alarm every morning. and you'd think being able to stay in pajamas all day wasn't so bad..... WRONG! I dream of having to set an alarm because you know what that means? It means I have somewhere to go! something to do! I am just so stir crazy and so desperate to go help my little corner of the world. I need a purpose! It's just a tad frustrating being jobless even though I have this expensive A&M diploma hanging on my wall.... It taunts me every day. I'm just trying to stay positive/keep my sanity/not go completely broke, etc.

What happened to growing up and "being whatever you want?!" Apparently my third grade career day didn't take the recession of 2008/2009 into account....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

arry potta!!!!!!!!!!

In four hours, I'll [FINALLY] be watching the long awaited Harry Potter & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. It is the 6th of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and by far my favorite book (of the series.) Taylor never got into HP (watched a few movies) but clearly never fell for the magic that is HARRY POTTER. I absolutely adore Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and all of the other characters who have so brilliantly(!) portrayed these characters in the movies. I actually think I'm going to be Hermione for Halloween next year.... or maybe not if I want to stay engaged! ha! Regardless of Taylor's lack of interest in Hogwart's and all that encompasses wizardry, HE SURPRISED ME WITH MIDNIGHT SHOWING TICKETS TONIGHT!!!! And so we will be watching The Half Blood Prince with all of the other avid HP fans and I am thrilled. Poor Taylor has to work tomorrow, so I'll be lucky if he stays awake ;) Hey, it's better to be sitting next to a sleeping fiance than go to the matinee showing (alone) tomorrow morning at 10:00 am with all of the 10 year olds..... which was my next option.

Taylor says my obsession with HP is my only downfall, and I say his lack of interest is HIS only downfall..... but I am hooked. I am a 22 year old Harry Potter junkie. and I'm not even slightly ashamed ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet."

I need new summer wedges. and when I say NEED, I mean need. My brown wedges from last summer seem to be coming to the end of their life. Really? $90 for a pair of shoes that can't even last a year, Steve Madden? The steel ball to the heel is already showing and the wood is chipping. Who wants to wear those?! See, I do need new wedges.

I may need to venture over to Nordstrom today for some of these babies...

I'm starting to think that living 5 minutes from Northpark Mall is a very very bad thing...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going to the chapel....

People, we have actually made some WEDDING PROGRESS! Can you believe it? This past week when I was at home, my mother and I spent our Saturday with 4 appointments. We visited three venues and ONE wedding dress boutique. What a day! If you know my mom and I, you know our best mother daughter duo talent would definitely be SHOPPING. Our favorite Saturdays are the ones we spent opening and closing the stores in Houston. Can we still have those shopping marathons once I'm married? hmm... a girl can dream!

Anyways, we found THE PLACE! We're going to have the wedding reception we've dreamed of and I could not be more excited. Sugar Landers, this place will mean as much to you as it does to me and I can't wait to share it with our out of towners, too! drum roll, please......
The entrance to the "cocktail" rooms

The second "cocktail" (pre-reception) room

View from the dance floor (in the back)
View from the front (leaving the cocktail rooms)

If you haven't heard, Taylor and I have changed our date to July 31, 2010. My good friend Megan was recently engaged and it was the only way to fit both of our weddings in next summer! Sorry for the confusion, but as SOON as we officially book our reception site, I will notify everyone of the date change. We have the ballroom tentatively until Saturday, but we will make it official this week.

and last but not least, I FOUND THE DRESS. Yes, THE DRESS. I wish I could wear it every day...... and if you're lucky, I'll show it to you when it comes in sometime in November ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Home sweet home is a mere.....five hour drive away! Do you know how much I hate driving between Dallas and Houston? I absolutely detest that stinkin' drive. It's never ending and oh so boring. but you know what's awaiting me after that icky drive? MY FAMILY!! and friends. and good food. and a familiar city. and shopping. and lunch dates. and pool days. and the 4th of July with my whole family (and Taylor!!) down in Matagorda! I need this week at home so badly. I am so homesick it's unreal. I feel like I'm starting college all over again..... sheesh.

but guess what? give me a week at home and I'll be missing Dallas dearly.....I'm a mess, I'm aware :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

sweet silver lining

"but so many people are looking to me
To be strong and to fight
but I'm just surviving.....
I may be weak but I'm never defeated
And Ill keep believing
in clouds with that sweet silver lining."
-Kate Voegele

Traveled to (and fell in love with) Italy.
Boxed up four years of college into two cars.
Moved to Dallas.

oh, and now....
Plan a Houston wedding (and get through obstacle after obstacle).
Find a job.
Finish my certification.
Spend time with my fiance (who works 80 hours a week).

slow down.
and believe somehow this will all work itself out, somehow. someway.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh, La Dolce Vita


I'll be back in Houston on May 29.....ready to tackle this whole "real world" thing....

Until then, I am going to eat gourmet pasta, drink fine wine, soak up Roman art and history, ride through the Tuscany country side, indulge in the fashion in Milan and truly live as if I don't have a care in the world......because for these two weeks, I don't!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

here i come, world.

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who'll decide where to go.
-Dr. Seuss

Ready or not, I'm about to graduate from college. In eight hours I will be in a sea of caps and gowns frantically filing down the aisles of Reed Arena. I sincerely hope our convocation speaker has a humorous speech in store, because I am a ticking time bomb. One sentimental story about growing up, moving on and starting our lives and I am going to have mascara coated tears running down my face. Nobody needs to see that. I have been so consumed with school work, teaching prep and organizing my life that I haven't even had time to be sad. or to shed one tear. So, tomorrow, as I sit in my cap and gown listening to our professors, I will finally have the time to relish in this monumental occasion. and there will be tears, I just know it. I can only pray for Bill Cosby or Ellen Degeneres to be speaking tomorrow.........

here I come, world.
ready or not!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

soaking it in

I am taking my last college final EVER in 12 hours.

I can't even concentrate on my psych of women reading because of the million other thoughts racing through my mind. After turning in my psych 485 materials and taking my test at 10:30, I am done....absolutely and positively done with college at Texas A&M. I want to slow the clock for the next few hours so I can breathe in all that embodies being a college student. I am getting teary-eyed just thinking about the past 4 year journey that's finally coming to a close......

I feel like Mindy, Melanie, Melissa and I were just moving into Colby at TCU, and they have all three graduated from college.....and I'm next. Where does the time go? How can four years have passed just like that? I can't believe I moved to Fort Worth when I was 18--just a baby! and all of a sudden I am twenty-two and graduating from Texas A&M. I certainly veered off the course I had so strategically planned for myself, but hey, the best laid plans......

People always ask if I regret going to TCU and wish I would have come to TAMU my freshman year. absolutely not. I wouldn't trade my freshman year at TCU for anything in the world. I lived and I learned more that year than I have learned any year since. I learned that that wonderful, beautiful people do exist outside of Sugar Land :),that life long friendships can begin when you're 18, and that those who love and support you will ALWAYS love and support you. I finally opened my eyes to all of the wonderful opportunities that existed outside of the bubble I had created for myself, and it was spectacular. Out of my 8 bridesmaids, 4 of them lived, learned and endured freshman year with me at TCU. They have seen me at my best, my worst and certainly everywhere in between. God sent me to TCU, I am sure of it. I am so grateful for those nine months in funky town and I will keep those memories safely tucked in my heart forever.

but, let's be honest, I WAS BORN TO BE AN AGGIE. When my parents started taking me to games at Kyle Field in my diapers, it was game over. Some say it's enstilling Aggie traditions at a young age, maybe it's brainwashing, but whatever it may be, it's a part of my soul. Maybe it's because I am third generation or maybe it's not. I truly believe that anyone who enters Aggieland can feel the bond that us Aggies will always share. I am so proud to be graduating from this University, not only because of its prestige and the education I have received, but because of what it means to be a part of the 12th man. The traditions, the spirit, the enthusiasm, the common bond we all share to be a part of this school is irreplaceable. To walk the campus that my grandaddy walked in 1953 is surreal. To study at the same library my parents studied at in 1978 gives me chills. It's impossible to explain to someone who didn't come to A&M what this common bond feels like, but it is forever. I have told my mom for as long as I can remember that my husband only had to have one quality: he had to be an Aggie.....and look at me now! My fiance is class of 2008 and I will forever be able to share this Aggie experience with him. absolutely phenomenal. I am certain that I followed the right path by becoming an AGGIE and I know my parents are going to be beaming with pride as I walk across that stage on Friday......

Thursday, April 30, 2009


okay, how much more fun is this?

I am so much more inspired to blog now!

I have spent entirely too much time doing this
and will be paying for my lack of sleep tomorrow.

and FYI-- I will be in DALLAS this weekend:
Happy Hour with Melissa tomorrow afternoon, a SEVEN hour training at Region 10 Saturday morning for my EC-4 Content exam (hooray) and a Kenny Chesney concert Saturday night with MTS! Oh and Sugarland, Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum will be there too. Should be a great weekend. I am just SO TIRED of traveling! Only a few more weeks....

I think I can I think I can!

Blog Boredom

Okay, I am not going to write another blog post until I "makeover" my blog. I haven't had time to even consider spending time on something like that, but school is winding down and I am obviously looking for anything to do before I study for finals. How can I get rid of my boring template I chose just to get started?! I want to put a picture and change things outside of this simple blogspot design? HELP! Websites? HTML formatting and codes? I mean, I haven't made a website since sophomore year INFO class, but I can probably google codes if I have to. Tell me there is an easier way!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

In a Frenzy

Let me just start by saying that I have been in a complete and total frenzy the past.....three weeks? So forgive my lack of blogging and if you're lucky enough to see me on a regular basis (ok-who would that be? my roommates? I don't have a social life..) than I apologize for being so scatterbrained lately. I swear--I'm about to graduate, vacay in Italy, move to Dallas, plan a wedding and do countless other fun things within the near future--but I'm more of a mess than I've ever been! For example, I am blogging during class. on my pink laptop. just typing away. and there is no need to have a computer in this class. I clearly had a different agenda today, Dr. Bourgeois.

For all who care, I have a few wedding updates. and yes, just a few. The wedding is over 14 months away, no rush! I/we have chosen the church, the date and the colors (I think...) I am also the queen of changing my mind, so don't get your heart set on anything ;)

Tentative Date: June 26, 2010
Tentative Church: St. Martin's Lutheran Church in Sugar Land
Tentative Colors:
and IVORY (that doesn't show up on my white background, obvi.

My favorite color is blue (all shades, yes) and it's such a great color scheme for a summer themed wedding. I have dreamed of deep burgundy and golds and cream since I can remember, but that just screams FALL. and well, we're getting married in June. So goodbye burgundy, HELLO BLUE, GREEN AND IVORY! The flowers will be mostly Ivory (gardenias, tulips, roses, calla lily's, etc.) with a few blue flowers for accents. The green will predominantly be in the greenery in the floral arrangements. (No green bridesmaid dresses!) but the green compliments the other colors so well and thus, my wheels are spinnin! I am having so much fun with all of my "wedding dreaming," and I think I have enough center piece ideas for 12 weddings.......

and a thought to ponder: all who are wedding planning, married, or who have opinions about this (ahem Melissa) please give me your input. What's the norm/preferrence for bridesmaid's dress lenghths in the summer. In my friend Amanda's wedding last May, we all wore long dresses and it was fabulous. It makes the wedding more elegant and traditional, but I will be getting married in June. in Houston. Am I torturing my bridesmaid's in the Houston summer by having them wear long dresses? I have found some adorable short dresses, but need some help!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Two posts in one day.....YES! I just want to highlight one of the happiest moments of my entire life, last Saturday, April 11. If this isn't happiness, I don't know what is.....

"an epic love."

So Ivy sent me this perfect (all things wedding-type) book in the mail and I received it today and have not put it down yet.....okay, maybe I've put it down a few times, but you get the point. Although the book is going to be so helpful and will be my reference for EVERYTHING, my favorite part was the short note Ivy wrote me--it is my bookmark now! She was congratulating us on our engagement and sending her love, but my absolute favorite line in the note:

"You are so deserving of an epic love."

And as well as Ivy knows me, I don't even think she knew how much this sentence meant to me. I cherish people's words and thoughts tremendously and love when words and sentences capture emotions perfectly. Ivy does this beautifully and I have saved every one of her notes she has written me--all the way back to sophomore year in high school!

I know everyone dates Mr. wrong at least once and not everyone has a grand love story, but there were so many times I knew I was never going to find my soul mate. Actually, I stopped believing in soul mates altogether..... and then I met Taylor. I had absolutely and completely sworn off boys and then Taylor walked into my life the very next weekend. God sent me love just in time. I don't believe in fate or destiny per se, but I do believe that God creates two souls to walk this life together, hand in hand. God has shown me that all of the heartaches and pain I have been through were all a part of his grand plan. He hadn't forgotten about me after all. He was teaching me to trust and to love and to hurt and to feel and to remember that He would always be my mighty power--I was never alone. With His guidance, I was able to believe that love deserved a second chance. And then I trusted Taylor. And then I loved Taylor. I forgot that love had ever let me down and all I ever needed was this one epic love. and I am going to trust and love Michael Taylor Scott forever.....

so thank you, ivalina for believing this love would come my way someday....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy [early] Easter!

It's finally Thursday! Which means several FANTASTIC things:

1. My comparative psychology test is over (and I do believe I aced it?) WHOOP
2. Holiday weekend is officially in FULL GEAR.
3. Taylor's office closes at 3pm today, so he'll be home when I get to Dallas!
4. Good Friday is tomorrow (Taylor is off-bank holiday!) and it's my day of Anniversary fun! I am taking him to a vineyard in Grapevine and great Italian dinner... and several goodies along the way :)
5. Then Saturday arrives and it is our official one year anniversary :)
Taylor is planning Saturday so I have no idea what's up his sleeves, but dinner at the Four Seasons that night!
6. EASTER SUNDAY at Highland Park Methodist--we're trying out this church and it's our first "compromise" church. (Taylor grew up Baptist and I was raised Lutheran and go figure, neither one of us is willing to "switch" denominations...) So we are trying this new Methodist church Easter Sunday and I am thrilled.
*Shout out to Mindy and Melanie's 22nd Birthday on Friday!

I will post pictures after this weekend of Anniversary festivities. I have been working for two months one of his gifts and can't wait to finally give it to him!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter weekend and
truly remembers what this Holiday means to us as Christians. Because of Jesus' death and resurrection we are no longer condemned by our sins, but made free by His grace and mercy!
How blessed we all are......

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bachelors of Science in procrastination

I should be writing my paper for psych of women right now. not wasting time internet browsing. and not blogging. if i'm going to write, shouldn't i be writing my paper due on monday? nope. and you know why? because i don't like to be forced to write. actually, i don't really like to be forced to do much of anything..... for example, my mom always asks me why i enjoy running now because i dreaded it so much in high school. And it's simple really--no one is telling me to run now. i run when i want to and only if i want to. So clearly this psychology paper is not going to be written until i am good and ready (or it's late sunday night?) Either way, I have no inspiration tonight and would rather sit in my robe and waste time on the internet. so sue me.
*currently obsessed with catching up on tv i missed and/or forgot to record on HULU.COM. What a fabulous invention.

I don't know if anyone follows the real housewives of [insert city], but I do and it's safe to say it's an unhealthy addiction. Housewives of NYC is on this season and I just get entirely too involved in this ridiculous "reality" show. These East coast women are a different breed, I tell ya. They have no southern charm (obviously), subpar social skills (going to socialite parties does NOT make you sociable) and possess little to NO tact. Some episodes are painful for me to watch--really, I have to walk away. They are always engaging in awkward conversations and confronting their friends about snide comments they made three weeks earlier. ANYWAYS......I am only writing about it because this week was INSANE. Kelly, the new housewife (who, in fact, isn't even a house wife at all. she is not married, nor does she live in some lavish real estate) really really gets under my skin. I know, I know, it's television. But this woman is ridiculous. She confronted Bethenny (whom I LOVE) at a bar last week and was completely irrational, illogical and completely out of line. Ugh, if you don't watch the show you won't understand, but that girl has GOT TO GO. Her confrontation with Bethenny made me get on the internet to post something on I hope they read "Rachel from Texas'" comment aloud on the reunion ;)

I am going back home tomorrow and am really excited. I love love love weekends at home during college. I feel like I am a guest in a home that I know so well (which means no chores!) and my parents always act like it's a treat when I'm home. Can't beat that. Randy is actually driving us home tomorrow, so I don't even have to drive--such a tough life I lead....
but I do have a busy weekend ahead of me filled with shopping (again, tough life), finishing Taylor's anniversary present, and alas some homework I have put off all week. I am really excited to be finished with Taylor's gift and will post pictures next week after we celebrate. Our one year is April 11th so we both have Good Friday off and are celebrating Easter weekend (+anniversary!) together in Dallas. We're even trying a new church in Highland Park down the street from Taylor. Lots of new, fun things!

I'm off to watch re-runs of either Sex and the City, Jon and Kate plus 8, or whatever food network has to offer me.... hey, i might even stay up late tonight--if there's a SATC marathon on ;)

oh! ps, my roommate told me today that she read online that Countess de Lesseps and the Count are getting a divorce! (again, Housewives of NYC drama that I have unnecissarily engulfed myself in.)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This GRAD needs a [fab] DRESS

Two posts in ONE DAY? Believe what you see.....
However, this post has a purpose--I need a dress to wear for graduation! (and let's be honest, I am just always in the market for a new dress.) On top of the countless weddings that I'll need dresses for this year, I have to have a perfect one to wear the day I graduate from TAMU! All of my family will be in town PLUS all of Taylor's family, so of course I am shopping now. Here are a few of my top picks from online shopping thus far:
White House Black Market


Okay and I have a few more "favorites" but can't post their pictures online. I put their links below for for your viewing pleasure! Let me know which one is grad-perfect!

My own March Madness

First of all, I just want to say that I am so tired of watching college basketball! I have never really been a huge basketball fan--but once the Aggies lost to UCONN, I had absolutely NO reason to watch the tournament. Unfortunately, Taylor feels completely different than I I have been watching the tournament against my will. The things I do for that boy!

Anyways, it certainly has been MARCH MADNESS around here for this girl! I think it has been this way since I was little--so much packed into March! Between birthdays, spring breaks and anniversaries (my parents) there is never a dull moment. A re-cap for all who wonder why I don't blog enough:

  • Houston with Taylor to see my parents and see Josh Turner at the rodeo
  • Dallas to get ready to leave for VEGAS with Ashley
  • VEGAS from Tues-Friday of Spring break
  • Back to Dallas Friday night at 10:30 pm
  • Drive to Longview Saturday morning for a wedding with Taylor
  • Tyler on Sunday morning to see Stacey and the babies
  • Back to College Station Monday morning before class to start another week.....
Luckily this past week only had one major assignment, because as you can see from my above schedule, I did not open my back pack during Spring Break. I also celebrated my 22nd birthday this past Thursday and it was great. My Mamma came up during the day and took me to lunch and we ran a few errands around town. We had such a good day together. I even got some great presents :) My good friends from home Robert, Colin, and Aldo got to come to College Station to help celebrate Thursday night and it was a blast! Let me show you....

There is never a dull moment with all of these boys and I don't know what I would do with out them! In fact, Margo, Steen and myself laid around ALL DAY on Friday and did absolutely nothing. Do you know how fun that can be?!

Well, I know this was a random-out of sorts-post, but my last month has been fairly random and out of sorts, so it's fitting. This week I have one test and a few papers to write (I'm sure...) but I WILL be blogging more. I plan on putting school as my number 2 priority because there are just more important things I need to get done! Um HELLO--Taylor and I have a one year anniversary in two weeks and I am not done with his gift..... school can wait ;) Have a fabulous Monday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

reasons to smile.

Here are a few reasons I'm smiling these days.......

Taylor sleeping with Miss Kate on Valentine's Day <3

Brad, Stacey, Taylor, Rachel and Madelynn & Kate! Valentine's weekend in Tyler

Aliece, me and Stacey with the girls. six weeks old!

Babysitting the angels during Mamma and Daddy's Valentine's dinner

Me, Ashely and Margo! Roommate fun on rooftop at Corner.

Girl fun in Austin!

Another busy week here in Rachel land......17 hours is getting VERY OLD and I'm taking my clep test this Friday, so I feel like I'm taking 20 hours this week! blah. Taylor is coming in this weekend and I am very excited; I haven't seen him since Valentine's weekend and he's only 3 hours away! On another happy note, Vegas with miss Ashley is in two weeks! Graduation in two months! and Italy in two and a half months! So much to look forward much unfolding!

Update on my future: I am currently in the application process for applying to be in a program to become a certified teacher. I will find out in the next month and a half or so, and am thrilled that I have found something that brings a smile to my face. Thank goodness I happened onto this Project Achieve experience--I realize how much I love working with kids and would love to do so in an elementary school setting. God is so sneaky sometimes! I just have to remember that He is in the driver's seat..... life is so much better knowing that. Hope all is well with everyone, everywhere :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I know, I know! It's been forever since I have written; I'm a bad blogger! Truth is, I have been SO BUSY I haven't had time to anything even slightly fun during the week. Every time I come to write in my blog my online classes taunt me and the scattered books across my floor remind me they are not going to read here I am, better late than never.

Let me just re-cap the past few weeks and let everyone (ha the 3 maybe 4 people who read my blog!) know why I am slacking on my blogging.

Taylor's car was STOLEN from his apartment two weeks ago. Luckily, he is safe and unharmed, but the valuables in his car are gone along with his yukon. For those who don't know, he drove a 03 black yukon on 20" wheels, so we're assuming it was taken to a chop shop immediately after it was stolen and taken apart to sell pieces individually. Besides the initial shock/sadness/anger we both felt the first day, we should be thankful that this was a tangible item: a very LARGE tangible item, but replaceable none the less. He lives in a nice area in Dallas, but unfortunately the world doesn't care if you're a decent 23 year old recent college graduate who can't afford a new car payment...... So Taylor, his dad and their great car dealer in Longview have come up with affordable payments for his NEW 2009 GMC SIERRA TEXAS EDITION he will be getting on Thursday! We were hoping he wouldn't have to be making car payments at all for a while, but you deal with what God puts on your plate, and here we are!

I am taking 17 hours this semester (one class being a PSYC 485 research project) and taking a clep test within the next month to place out of developmental psychology. My psyc 485 is in educational psychology department and we are assisting current PhD students administer personality tests and WJ-III tests to middle school students. It's a longitudinal study and started approx. 7-8 years ago, depending on the cohort, and is going very well thus far. The training has been extensive and I have put many more hours into this class than I had anticipated, but I am really enjoying it. It makes me realize why I went into psychology in the first place--kids! Since I have decided that I can NOT handle 5 more years of school to obtain my PhD (Ivy is an absolute rock star!!), that maybe I still can work with kids. I am researching getting my alternative teaching certification, teaching for a few years, and then getting my masters in counseling. Even if I decide not to go back to school, I really have spent countless hours researching, discussing, thinking and praying about why God put this teaching idea into my lap. When I started working with kids again this semester, it just clicked again. I was like WOW, this is what I miss from highschool, this is what I truly enjoy doing. I love fashion, it is certainly a "hobby" of mine, but I feel almost useless working with fashion after I graduate. It is certainly not as fulfilling as making a difference in someone's life. So we will see where God leads me...

Needless to say, completing 20 hours of school your last semester of college + figuring out your first job after college is anything but joyous. I have had several breakdowns, but I just remind myself it's just a means to an end, and the end is oh so near. I am graduating in May. May! May! May! Actually, May 15th at 9am to be exact! I'll just keep focusing on the mini goals I set for myself in order to make it to May 15th! two and a half months left!

Well that's what's been going on as of late, but I'm sure I left out something significant. Taylor and I spent Valentine's weekend in Tyler at his brother and sister in law's house visiting the twins, and we had a BLAST. I am absolutely enamored with those precious angels, and am so glad we got to spend a weekend with them. I will post pictures later this week to prove how perfect they are! I'm going to visit Jessie in Austin this weekend, thank goodness. I miss that girl tremendously and can't wait to catch up with my girl.

I'll blog again SOON!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

growing up

I still can't believe I'm graduating in four months. I feel like I have four months to grow up, figure out what I want to with my life, and fix the horrible job market I am about to plunge into..... and clearly, none of those are going to happen that soon, so I'm probably going to have 400 anxiety attacks until I walk across the stage. I seriously wake up everyday stressed that I don't have a full time job yet--WAKING UP STRESSED?! Add 17 hours of classes to that and it's going to be a long semester...

I am planning on moving to Dallas after graduation, and thought I would use Nordstrom as my
"back up" plan. As of late, its looks as if my "back up" plan has jumped to my number 1 option. I LOVE Nordstrom and it is such a great company to work for, but I just wanted to see what else was out there. I wanted to have tons of options and I wanted to pick the best option out there for me. I never thought "growing up" would be this way. We learned in 3rd grade that we could choose to be whatever we want to be, that boundaries did not exist and we could dream as big as our imaginations would let us. Cut to 12 years later--that statement is FALSE. We are being told during career fairs to "apply everywhere and not to be picky." That's the best advice they can give us--that it's okay to settle?! I am just so tired of hearing "2009 graduates are going to have a very hard time finding a job, much less a job they really want." WOW. No wonder I wake up stressed. I talk to God about it as much as I can and I pray pray pray that He will lead me to the right opportunity for me. It's all I can do :)

on the flip side, I'm going to VEGAS for Spring Break with my roommate Ashley and could not be more PUMPED! We're even staying at the Wynn....perfection perhaps?!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Great Flood

I had all intentions of writing daily when I created this blog, but with the past week I've had I'm surprised to still have my sanity! I have been MIA for the past week or so and I shall tell you why.....

Me and Margo's friend Lauren came in town this weekend (she graduated in Decemeber) and we were going to have a fun girls weekend before school started....FALSE. Friday morning at 4:30 Lauren got up to use the bathroom, and slipped on the floor. Why, you ask? Oh, that would be due to the pond in our living room. Lauren proceeds to wake Margo up (who didn't believe her) and then she swam across the living room to my room. I jumped out of bed very confused (we went to bed at 3am) and jumped down onto my floor.....bad idea. My floor was a marsh. With every step I took, water gushed up from my carpet like a geyser. And for those who don't know, I hate being barefoot, and am very OCD about what my feet walk on... so that was a nightmare. As I peered out into the hallway and living room and saw the standing water, I had a mini heart attack and then grabbed my phone. After getting a 430am phone call, my parents call the plumbers while Lauren, Margo, Steen and myself got rid of the water: a simple two hour task.

Long story short, several boggled plumber visits, one suspicious toilet and $500 later..... The city of college station had to come out to our house to make the diagnosis: a pipe broke in our neighbor's backyard and the roots from their tree had caused a blockage. Lucky for us, the blockage caused the water to back up into our house. SUPER. So we have been living in a hotel for the past two nights because the fans and de-humidifiers are so obnoxious you can't even think. or hear anyone speak unless they yell. We started off with like 16 and today we are down to about 6. My room is still a WRECK..... the carpet is disgusting and smells of something rotten. I have to climb over furniture to get any clothes and my bathroom is full of furnitre. What a joke! The insurance adjusters are coming today to decide what to do with our floor. The living room and kitchen has to be replaced, considering its concrete right now. Oh, and on Friday night, my phone fell on a rug and OBVIOUSLY got water damage and does not work. So I am using a "flip" phone because I haven't even had time to think about going to the Verizon store.....

All this during the first week of my last semester ever! I am just blessed to have such fun roommates to endure this with and parents who live close. And sweet Taylor even sent me flowers to the hotel last night to "brighten my day(s)." He came down for one night last Sunday because I was nearly suicidal dealing with all of this amongst 2453467 other things, and what a help that was. I needed that boy to slap me back in shape! He'll be here this weekend, and by the looks of the rooms in our house, we'll be pitching a tent in the backyard.