Monday, July 27, 2009

Water logged.

Remember back in January when I woke up at 3am to find my house with 3 inches of standing water? and the weeks of industrial fans/humidifiers and carpet/floor replacements? Well, last night about 10pm, my roommate's bathroom flooded. and part of her room. A pipe in the wall broke and the water was rushing into her bathroom and closet. My room is fine (thank goodness-I couldn't deal with 2 floods in 6 months..) but her bathroom and bedroom need repairs and our water is OFF. So I am sitting at Taylor's apartment watching Full House and job searching/blogging. I was planning on heading to my parent's house on Thursday, but I may just head back tomorrow. I am not sure that I want to deal with the AMLI's poor management and maintenance team..... no telling how long this debacle could take.

On a lighter note, I really really need a new book to read. I want to read something all-consuming, something I can't put down! I have been heartbroken since I finished Twilight in June and just can't seem to find a good book. I don't need anymore vampire tales, but I just need some good recommendations! I started reading Something Borrowed and had to stop--I just can't read a book that condones unfaithful relationships, lying and friends betraying life long friends over men. It was like a grown up, New York version of my life junior year of college and I do not plan on reliving that saga! So, all book suggestions are welcomed!


  1. how about eat, pray, love? have you read it? i think it would be one you would like..

  2. consider it purchased from :)