Tuesday, July 14, 2009

arry potta!!!!!!!!!!

In four hours, I'll [FINALLY] be watching the long awaited Harry Potter & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. It is the 6th of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and by far my favorite book (of the series.) Taylor never got into HP (watched a few movies) but clearly never fell for the magic that is HARRY POTTER. I absolutely adore Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and all of the other characters who have so brilliantly(!) portrayed these characters in the movies. I actually think I'm going to be Hermione for Halloween next year.... or maybe not if I want to stay engaged! ha! Regardless of Taylor's lack of interest in Hogwart's and all that encompasses wizardry, HE SURPRISED ME WITH MIDNIGHT SHOWING TICKETS TONIGHT!!!! And so we will be watching The Half Blood Prince with all of the other avid HP fans and I am thrilled. Poor Taylor has to work tomorrow, so I'll be lucky if he stays awake ;) Hey, it's better to be sitting next to a sleeping fiance than go to the matinee showing (alone) tomorrow morning at 10:00 am with all of the 10 year olds..... which was my next option.

Taylor says my obsession with HP is my only downfall, and I say his lack of interest is HIS only downfall..... but I am hooked. I am a 22 year old Harry Potter junkie. and I'm not even slightly ashamed ;)


  1. After reading the title "arry potta" for the 5th time....I finally figured it out. "Harry Potter" in an accent. LOL maybe I should have stopped after my 2nd glass of wine?

  2. i am ridiculously jealous. troy and i walked to a theater here in d.c. after dinner just to see if we could get tickets and they were all already sold out! i have to wait till tomorrow at 1:50pm..... the suspense is killing me!!! hope you have funnn!