Sunday, March 29, 2009

This GRAD needs a [fab] DRESS

Two posts in ONE DAY? Believe what you see.....
However, this post has a purpose--I need a dress to wear for graduation! (and let's be honest, I am just always in the market for a new dress.) On top of the countless weddings that I'll need dresses for this year, I have to have a perfect one to wear the day I graduate from TAMU! All of my family will be in town PLUS all of Taylor's family, so of course I am shopping now. Here are a few of my top picks from online shopping thus far:
White House Black Market


Okay and I have a few more "favorites" but can't post their pictures online. I put their links below for for your viewing pleasure! Let me know which one is grad-perfect!

My own March Madness

First of all, I just want to say that I am so tired of watching college basketball! I have never really been a huge basketball fan--but once the Aggies lost to UCONN, I had absolutely NO reason to watch the tournament. Unfortunately, Taylor feels completely different than I I have been watching the tournament against my will. The things I do for that boy!

Anyways, it certainly has been MARCH MADNESS around here for this girl! I think it has been this way since I was little--so much packed into March! Between birthdays, spring breaks and anniversaries (my parents) there is never a dull moment. A re-cap for all who wonder why I don't blog enough:

  • Houston with Taylor to see my parents and see Josh Turner at the rodeo
  • Dallas to get ready to leave for VEGAS with Ashley
  • VEGAS from Tues-Friday of Spring break
  • Back to Dallas Friday night at 10:30 pm
  • Drive to Longview Saturday morning for a wedding with Taylor
  • Tyler on Sunday morning to see Stacey and the babies
  • Back to College Station Monday morning before class to start another week.....
Luckily this past week only had one major assignment, because as you can see from my above schedule, I did not open my back pack during Spring Break. I also celebrated my 22nd birthday this past Thursday and it was great. My Mamma came up during the day and took me to lunch and we ran a few errands around town. We had such a good day together. I even got some great presents :) My good friends from home Robert, Colin, and Aldo got to come to College Station to help celebrate Thursday night and it was a blast! Let me show you....

There is never a dull moment with all of these boys and I don't know what I would do with out them! In fact, Margo, Steen and myself laid around ALL DAY on Friday and did absolutely nothing. Do you know how fun that can be?!

Well, I know this was a random-out of sorts-post, but my last month has been fairly random and out of sorts, so it's fitting. This week I have one test and a few papers to write (I'm sure...) but I WILL be blogging more. I plan on putting school as my number 2 priority because there are just more important things I need to get done! Um HELLO--Taylor and I have a one year anniversary in two weeks and I am not done with his gift..... school can wait ;) Have a fabulous Monday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

reasons to smile.

Here are a few reasons I'm smiling these days.......

Taylor sleeping with Miss Kate on Valentine's Day <3

Brad, Stacey, Taylor, Rachel and Madelynn & Kate! Valentine's weekend in Tyler

Aliece, me and Stacey with the girls. six weeks old!

Babysitting the angels during Mamma and Daddy's Valentine's dinner

Me, Ashely and Margo! Roommate fun on rooftop at Corner.

Girl fun in Austin!

Another busy week here in Rachel land......17 hours is getting VERY OLD and I'm taking my clep test this Friday, so I feel like I'm taking 20 hours this week! blah. Taylor is coming in this weekend and I am very excited; I haven't seen him since Valentine's weekend and he's only 3 hours away! On another happy note, Vegas with miss Ashley is in two weeks! Graduation in two months! and Italy in two and a half months! So much to look forward much unfolding!

Update on my future: I am currently in the application process for applying to be in a program to become a certified teacher. I will find out in the next month and a half or so, and am thrilled that I have found something that brings a smile to my face. Thank goodness I happened onto this Project Achieve experience--I realize how much I love working with kids and would love to do so in an elementary school setting. God is so sneaky sometimes! I just have to remember that He is in the driver's seat..... life is so much better knowing that. Hope all is well with everyone, everywhere :)