Monday, July 27, 2009

Water logged.

Remember back in January when I woke up at 3am to find my house with 3 inches of standing water? and the weeks of industrial fans/humidifiers and carpet/floor replacements? Well, last night about 10pm, my roommate's bathroom flooded. and part of her room. A pipe in the wall broke and the water was rushing into her bathroom and closet. My room is fine (thank goodness-I couldn't deal with 2 floods in 6 months..) but her bathroom and bedroom need repairs and our water is OFF. So I am sitting at Taylor's apartment watching Full House and job searching/blogging. I was planning on heading to my parent's house on Thursday, but I may just head back tomorrow. I am not sure that I want to deal with the AMLI's poor management and maintenance team..... no telling how long this debacle could take.

On a lighter note, I really really need a new book to read. I want to read something all-consuming, something I can't put down! I have been heartbroken since I finished Twilight in June and just can't seem to find a good book. I don't need anymore vampire tales, but I just need some good recommendations! I started reading Something Borrowed and had to stop--I just can't read a book that condones unfaithful relationships, lying and friends betraying life long friends over men. It was like a grown up, New York version of my life junior year of college and I do not plan on reliving that saga! So, all book suggestions are welcomed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All things WEDDING.

My fiance calls me "ridiculously oranized," my future mother in law calls me "gifted," and my mom "just can't believe this OCD child is hers." Maybe I am over the top with my organization and cleanliness (doesn't everyone color coordinate their closets according to seasons?) but it's the only way I can function. I also L-O-V-E all things crafty and creative (enter my favorite store: Hobby Lobby.) I have made several scrapbooks and really enjoy them, but they take so long to complete from start to finish. So I figured I would combine my wedding planning and scrapbook-ish/crafty side into one fun "project!"

Enter: "All things Wedding" book.
^ My wedding book + my wedding notebook/journal (with tabs of course-thanks, Target.)

^ First 2 pages of my two toned binder!
(That happen to be eerily close to my wedding colors!)

^ A little inspiration-Rachel style :)

^This is from the bouquet section, I believe..

^ A cake page

The back of the binder! It's a collage I made of different magazine cut outs
that encompasses my wedding colors to a tee.
My inspiration is a peacock feather: think rich blues, emeralds, ivories and golds!

I use this to organize all of my great wedding magazine/wedding blog finds. It's my "master" wedding planning book that travels with me A LOT of places. Wedding vendors we have visited just love my picture references, so it has been a hit thus far! and hey, wedding planning is supposed to be fun, right? :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

jobless bum

I need a job. badly. School cannot start soon enough........ Can you believe I'm saying that? but I need a job. I need money. I need to start substituting! I have applied to a job or two outside of teaching in the classroom, but I have a feeling they are looking for someone with more experience....JUST MY LUCK! I just keep wishin, and hopin and prayin........ :)

You'd think all of this "working from home" (region 10 schoolwork online) would be relaxing. You'd think I would enjoy not having to set an alarm every morning. and you'd think being able to stay in pajamas all day wasn't so bad..... WRONG! I dream of having to set an alarm because you know what that means? It means I have somewhere to go! something to do! I am just so stir crazy and so desperate to go help my little corner of the world. I need a purpose! It's just a tad frustrating being jobless even though I have this expensive A&M diploma hanging on my wall.... It taunts me every day. I'm just trying to stay positive/keep my sanity/not go completely broke, etc.

What happened to growing up and "being whatever you want?!" Apparently my third grade career day didn't take the recession of 2008/2009 into account....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

arry potta!!!!!!!!!!

In four hours, I'll [FINALLY] be watching the long awaited Harry Potter & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. It is the 6th of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and by far my favorite book (of the series.) Taylor never got into HP (watched a few movies) but clearly never fell for the magic that is HARRY POTTER. I absolutely adore Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and all of the other characters who have so brilliantly(!) portrayed these characters in the movies. I actually think I'm going to be Hermione for Halloween next year.... or maybe not if I want to stay engaged! ha! Regardless of Taylor's lack of interest in Hogwart's and all that encompasses wizardry, HE SURPRISED ME WITH MIDNIGHT SHOWING TICKETS TONIGHT!!!! And so we will be watching The Half Blood Prince with all of the other avid HP fans and I am thrilled. Poor Taylor has to work tomorrow, so I'll be lucky if he stays awake ;) Hey, it's better to be sitting next to a sleeping fiance than go to the matinee showing (alone) tomorrow morning at 10:00 am with all of the 10 year olds..... which was my next option.

Taylor says my obsession with HP is my only downfall, and I say his lack of interest is HIS only downfall..... but I am hooked. I am a 22 year old Harry Potter junkie. and I'm not even slightly ashamed ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet."

I need new summer wedges. and when I say NEED, I mean need. My brown wedges from last summer seem to be coming to the end of their life. Really? $90 for a pair of shoes that can't even last a year, Steve Madden? The steel ball to the heel is already showing and the wood is chipping. Who wants to wear those?! See, I do need new wedges.

I may need to venture over to Nordstrom today for some of these babies...

I'm starting to think that living 5 minutes from Northpark Mall is a very very bad thing...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going to the chapel....

People, we have actually made some WEDDING PROGRESS! Can you believe it? This past week when I was at home, my mother and I spent our Saturday with 4 appointments. We visited three venues and ONE wedding dress boutique. What a day! If you know my mom and I, you know our best mother daughter duo talent would definitely be SHOPPING. Our favorite Saturdays are the ones we spent opening and closing the stores in Houston. Can we still have those shopping marathons once I'm married? hmm... a girl can dream!

Anyways, we found THE PLACE! We're going to have the wedding reception we've dreamed of and I could not be more excited. Sugar Landers, this place will mean as much to you as it does to me and I can't wait to share it with our out of towners, too! drum roll, please......
The entrance to the "cocktail" rooms

The second "cocktail" (pre-reception) room

View from the dance floor (in the back)
View from the front (leaving the cocktail rooms)

If you haven't heard, Taylor and I have changed our date to July 31, 2010. My good friend Megan was recently engaged and it was the only way to fit both of our weddings in next summer! Sorry for the confusion, but as SOON as we officially book our reception site, I will notify everyone of the date change. We have the ballroom tentatively until Saturday, but we will make it official this week.

and last but not least, I FOUND THE DRESS. Yes, THE DRESS. I wish I could wear it every day...... and if you're lucky, I'll show it to you when it comes in sometime in November ;)