Thursday, April 30, 2009


okay, how much more fun is this?

I am so much more inspired to blog now!

I have spent entirely too much time doing this
and will be paying for my lack of sleep tomorrow.

and FYI-- I will be in DALLAS this weekend:
Happy Hour with Melissa tomorrow afternoon, a SEVEN hour training at Region 10 Saturday morning for my EC-4 Content exam (hooray) and a Kenny Chesney concert Saturday night with MTS! Oh and Sugarland, Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum will be there too. Should be a great weekend. I am just SO TIRED of traveling! Only a few more weeks....

I think I can I think I can!

Blog Boredom

Okay, I am not going to write another blog post until I "makeover" my blog. I haven't had time to even consider spending time on something like that, but school is winding down and I am obviously looking for anything to do before I study for finals. How can I get rid of my boring template I chose just to get started?! I want to put a picture and change things outside of this simple blogspot design? HELP! Websites? HTML formatting and codes? I mean, I haven't made a website since sophomore year INFO class, but I can probably google codes if I have to. Tell me there is an easier way!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

In a Frenzy

Let me just start by saying that I have been in a complete and total frenzy the past.....three weeks? So forgive my lack of blogging and if you're lucky enough to see me on a regular basis (ok-who would that be? my roommates? I don't have a social life..) than I apologize for being so scatterbrained lately. I swear--I'm about to graduate, vacay in Italy, move to Dallas, plan a wedding and do countless other fun things within the near future--but I'm more of a mess than I've ever been! For example, I am blogging during class. on my pink laptop. just typing away. and there is no need to have a computer in this class. I clearly had a different agenda today, Dr. Bourgeois.

For all who care, I have a few wedding updates. and yes, just a few. The wedding is over 14 months away, no rush! I/we have chosen the church, the date and the colors (I think...) I am also the queen of changing my mind, so don't get your heart set on anything ;)

Tentative Date: June 26, 2010
Tentative Church: St. Martin's Lutheran Church in Sugar Land
Tentative Colors:
and IVORY (that doesn't show up on my white background, obvi.

My favorite color is blue (all shades, yes) and it's such a great color scheme for a summer themed wedding. I have dreamed of deep burgundy and golds and cream since I can remember, but that just screams FALL. and well, we're getting married in June. So goodbye burgundy, HELLO BLUE, GREEN AND IVORY! The flowers will be mostly Ivory (gardenias, tulips, roses, calla lily's, etc.) with a few blue flowers for accents. The green will predominantly be in the greenery in the floral arrangements. (No green bridesmaid dresses!) but the green compliments the other colors so well and thus, my wheels are spinnin! I am having so much fun with all of my "wedding dreaming," and I think I have enough center piece ideas for 12 weddings.......

and a thought to ponder: all who are wedding planning, married, or who have opinions about this (ahem Melissa) please give me your input. What's the norm/preferrence for bridesmaid's dress lenghths in the summer. In my friend Amanda's wedding last May, we all wore long dresses and it was fabulous. It makes the wedding more elegant and traditional, but I will be getting married in June. in Houston. Am I torturing my bridesmaid's in the Houston summer by having them wear long dresses? I have found some adorable short dresses, but need some help!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Two posts in one day.....YES! I just want to highlight one of the happiest moments of my entire life, last Saturday, April 11. If this isn't happiness, I don't know what is.....

"an epic love."

So Ivy sent me this perfect (all things wedding-type) book in the mail and I received it today and have not put it down yet.....okay, maybe I've put it down a few times, but you get the point. Although the book is going to be so helpful and will be my reference for EVERYTHING, my favorite part was the short note Ivy wrote me--it is my bookmark now! She was congratulating us on our engagement and sending her love, but my absolute favorite line in the note:

"You are so deserving of an epic love."

And as well as Ivy knows me, I don't even think she knew how much this sentence meant to me. I cherish people's words and thoughts tremendously and love when words and sentences capture emotions perfectly. Ivy does this beautifully and I have saved every one of her notes she has written me--all the way back to sophomore year in high school!

I know everyone dates Mr. wrong at least once and not everyone has a grand love story, but there were so many times I knew I was never going to find my soul mate. Actually, I stopped believing in soul mates altogether..... and then I met Taylor. I had absolutely and completely sworn off boys and then Taylor walked into my life the very next weekend. God sent me love just in time. I don't believe in fate or destiny per se, but I do believe that God creates two souls to walk this life together, hand in hand. God has shown me that all of the heartaches and pain I have been through were all a part of his grand plan. He hadn't forgotten about me after all. He was teaching me to trust and to love and to hurt and to feel and to remember that He would always be my mighty power--I was never alone. With His guidance, I was able to believe that love deserved a second chance. And then I trusted Taylor. And then I loved Taylor. I forgot that love had ever let me down and all I ever needed was this one epic love. and I am going to trust and love Michael Taylor Scott forever.....

so thank you, ivalina for believing this love would come my way someday....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy [early] Easter!

It's finally Thursday! Which means several FANTASTIC things:

1. My comparative psychology test is over (and I do believe I aced it?) WHOOP
2. Holiday weekend is officially in FULL GEAR.
3. Taylor's office closes at 3pm today, so he'll be home when I get to Dallas!
4. Good Friday is tomorrow (Taylor is off-bank holiday!) and it's my day of Anniversary fun! I am taking him to a vineyard in Grapevine and great Italian dinner... and several goodies along the way :)
5. Then Saturday arrives and it is our official one year anniversary :)
Taylor is planning Saturday so I have no idea what's up his sleeves, but dinner at the Four Seasons that night!
6. EASTER SUNDAY at Highland Park Methodist--we're trying out this church and it's our first "compromise" church. (Taylor grew up Baptist and I was raised Lutheran and go figure, neither one of us is willing to "switch" denominations...) So we are trying this new Methodist church Easter Sunday and I am thrilled.
*Shout out to Mindy and Melanie's 22nd Birthday on Friday!

I will post pictures after this weekend of Anniversary festivities. I have been working for two months one of his gifts and can't wait to finally give it to him!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter weekend and
truly remembers what this Holiday means to us as Christians. Because of Jesus' death and resurrection we are no longer condemned by our sins, but made free by His grace and mercy!
How blessed we all are......

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bachelors of Science in procrastination

I should be writing my paper for psych of women right now. not wasting time internet browsing. and not blogging. if i'm going to write, shouldn't i be writing my paper due on monday? nope. and you know why? because i don't like to be forced to write. actually, i don't really like to be forced to do much of anything..... for example, my mom always asks me why i enjoy running now because i dreaded it so much in high school. And it's simple really--no one is telling me to run now. i run when i want to and only if i want to. So clearly this psychology paper is not going to be written until i am good and ready (or it's late sunday night?) Either way, I have no inspiration tonight and would rather sit in my robe and waste time on the internet. so sue me.
*currently obsessed with catching up on tv i missed and/or forgot to record on HULU.COM. What a fabulous invention.

I don't know if anyone follows the real housewives of [insert city], but I do and it's safe to say it's an unhealthy addiction. Housewives of NYC is on this season and I just get entirely too involved in this ridiculous "reality" show. These East coast women are a different breed, I tell ya. They have no southern charm (obviously), subpar social skills (going to socialite parties does NOT make you sociable) and possess little to NO tact. Some episodes are painful for me to watch--really, I have to walk away. They are always engaging in awkward conversations and confronting their friends about snide comments they made three weeks earlier. ANYWAYS......I am only writing about it because this week was INSANE. Kelly, the new housewife (who, in fact, isn't even a house wife at all. she is not married, nor does she live in some lavish real estate) really really gets under my skin. I know, I know, it's television. But this woman is ridiculous. She confronted Bethenny (whom I LOVE) at a bar last week and was completely irrational, illogical and completely out of line. Ugh, if you don't watch the show you won't understand, but that girl has GOT TO GO. Her confrontation with Bethenny made me get on the internet to post something on I hope they read "Rachel from Texas'" comment aloud on the reunion ;)

I am going back home tomorrow and am really excited. I love love love weekends at home during college. I feel like I am a guest in a home that I know so well (which means no chores!) and my parents always act like it's a treat when I'm home. Can't beat that. Randy is actually driving us home tomorrow, so I don't even have to drive--such a tough life I lead....
but I do have a busy weekend ahead of me filled with shopping (again, tough life), finishing Taylor's anniversary present, and alas some homework I have put off all week. I am really excited to be finished with Taylor's gift and will post pictures next week after we celebrate. Our one year is April 11th so we both have Good Friday off and are celebrating Easter weekend (+anniversary!) together in Dallas. We're even trying a new church in Highland Park down the street from Taylor. Lots of new, fun things!

I'm off to watch re-runs of either Sex and the City, Jon and Kate plus 8, or whatever food network has to offer me.... hey, i might even stay up late tonight--if there's a SATC marathon on ;)

oh! ps, my roommate told me today that she read online that Countess de Lesseps and the Count are getting a divorce! (again, Housewives of NYC drama that I have unnecissarily engulfed myself in.)