Thursday, January 29, 2009

growing up

I still can't believe I'm graduating in four months. I feel like I have four months to grow up, figure out what I want to with my life, and fix the horrible job market I am about to plunge into..... and clearly, none of those are going to happen that soon, so I'm probably going to have 400 anxiety attacks until I walk across the stage. I seriously wake up everyday stressed that I don't have a full time job yet--WAKING UP STRESSED?! Add 17 hours of classes to that and it's going to be a long semester...

I am planning on moving to Dallas after graduation, and thought I would use Nordstrom as my
"back up" plan. As of late, its looks as if my "back up" plan has jumped to my number 1 option. I LOVE Nordstrom and it is such a great company to work for, but I just wanted to see what else was out there. I wanted to have tons of options and I wanted to pick the best option out there for me. I never thought "growing up" would be this way. We learned in 3rd grade that we could choose to be whatever we want to be, that boundaries did not exist and we could dream as big as our imaginations would let us. Cut to 12 years later--that statement is FALSE. We are being told during career fairs to "apply everywhere and not to be picky." That's the best advice they can give us--that it's okay to settle?! I am just so tired of hearing "2009 graduates are going to have a very hard time finding a job, much less a job they really want." WOW. No wonder I wake up stressed. I talk to God about it as much as I can and I pray pray pray that He will lead me to the right opportunity for me. It's all I can do :)

on the flip side, I'm going to VEGAS for Spring Break with my roommate Ashley and could not be more PUMPED! We're even staying at the Wynn....perfection perhaps?!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Great Flood

I had all intentions of writing daily when I created this blog, but with the past week I've had I'm surprised to still have my sanity! I have been MIA for the past week or so and I shall tell you why.....

Me and Margo's friend Lauren came in town this weekend (she graduated in Decemeber) and we were going to have a fun girls weekend before school started....FALSE. Friday morning at 4:30 Lauren got up to use the bathroom, and slipped on the floor. Why, you ask? Oh, that would be due to the pond in our living room. Lauren proceeds to wake Margo up (who didn't believe her) and then she swam across the living room to my room. I jumped out of bed very confused (we went to bed at 3am) and jumped down onto my floor.....bad idea. My floor was a marsh. With every step I took, water gushed up from my carpet like a geyser. And for those who don't know, I hate being barefoot, and am very OCD about what my feet walk on... so that was a nightmare. As I peered out into the hallway and living room and saw the standing water, I had a mini heart attack and then grabbed my phone. After getting a 430am phone call, my parents call the plumbers while Lauren, Margo, Steen and myself got rid of the water: a simple two hour task.

Long story short, several boggled plumber visits, one suspicious toilet and $500 later..... The city of college station had to come out to our house to make the diagnosis: a pipe broke in our neighbor's backyard and the roots from their tree had caused a blockage. Lucky for us, the blockage caused the water to back up into our house. SUPER. So we have been living in a hotel for the past two nights because the fans and de-humidifiers are so obnoxious you can't even think. or hear anyone speak unless they yell. We started off with like 16 and today we are down to about 6. My room is still a WRECK..... the carpet is disgusting and smells of something rotten. I have to climb over furniture to get any clothes and my bathroom is full of furnitre. What a joke! The insurance adjusters are coming today to decide what to do with our floor. The living room and kitchen has to be replaced, considering its concrete right now. Oh, and on Friday night, my phone fell on a rug and OBVIOUSLY got water damage and does not work. So I am using a "flip" phone because I haven't even had time to think about going to the Verizon store.....

All this during the first week of my last semester ever! I am just blessed to have such fun roommates to endure this with and parents who live close. And sweet Taylor even sent me flowers to the hotel last night to "brighten my day(s)." He came down for one night last Sunday because I was nearly suicidal dealing with all of this amongst 2453467 other things, and what a help that was. I needed that boy to slap me back in shape! He'll be here this weekend, and by the looks of the rooms in our house, we'll be pitching a tent in the backyard.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Madelynn Grace and London Kate: Fashionably Late

Taylor and I drove to Tyler last Monday (January 5th) to be at the hospital when his twin nieces were born! His sister-in-law Stacey made it to 37 weeks and was scheduled to have her water broken at 6am that morning. When we arrived at 2pm, (pink balloons and flowers included) we went to see the baby mamma in the maternity ward. After seeing her contraction graphs (I don't know what it's called so we'll call them contraction graphs) spiking to ridiculous levels, it made me seriously consider finding a surrogate mother when I decide to have children... With my luck though, I'll end up getting pregnant with quadruplets. and my own show on TLC right after jon and kate + 8. HA! But really, I feel like I owe my mother a medal or a trophy for making it through 23 hours of that!

After 12 hours of labor for Stacey and still no signs of babies, everyone was sure these babies were going to continue their stubborn delay well into the night. Taylor had to work the next day and I, well I had nothing to do obviously, BUT Taylor was my driver! So we made the decision to go back to Dallas around 9:30 pm, still no signs of twins. We headed back to Dallas in silence, so sad we wouldn't be there when the girls made their grand entrance. At 10:15 ish we got a call from Mike (taylor's dad) when we were on the road and he said, "BIRTH IS IMMINENT!" So we looked at each other, and Taylor U-turned with out even blinking (what a great uncle already!)

Madelynn Grace Scott
and London Kate Scott
were born at 12:10 and 12:19,weighing 5 lbs 3oz and 5 lbs 4oz, respectively;
They were both 17 and 3/4 inches long :)

They are absolutely beautiful and Brad and Stacey could not be more proud. They are going to be amazing parents, and I can not wait to see these little girls grow. Taylor is already loving being an uncle to Miss Maddy and Princess Kate, and I think he's going to spoil them rotten! I was so blessed to be able to be a part of their birth day and to see these little angels enter the world. I will certainly enjoy spoiling these two with Uncle Taylor!

The Best Day

This past weekend, my mother and I decided to escape from chores/stress/work/ (job searching and writing cover letters for me obviously...) and have a perfect girly day together. My pops and Randy were off fishing for the weekend with some of my dad's work-ish friends, so we didn't want to miss an opportunity for girl time!

We went to town center Saturday around noon for some shopping before lunch.... We are always shopping in Sugar Land, but rarely go to the actual boutiques and stores in town center. I could have spent a thousand dollars in Hemline--such a cute boutique! Mamma girl bought me a necklace and a woooonderful cream cashmere scarf that I love. (Actually, I should have just wrapped myself in that scarf on Saturday because I was obviously the only one in SL who ignored the drastic weather change..) I could have worn a bikini on Friday, but of course, on Saturday I needed a parka. Ridiculous! We hit the sale at Ann Taylor next and got so many cute tops. okay I got two and my mom got like 47 but who's counting? ;)

All that shopping made us hungry, so we went to Olive's martini bar for some salads.....AND martinis, duh. I usually don't like martinis considering they are 97% vodka and taste like rubbing alcohol to me, but these were FANTASTIC! After drinking our fruity drinks and staring at the drunk 17 year olds at the restaurant, we walked to Albert Luiz spa! We got mani's and pedi's in our own little area and it was just fabulous. We were so sex and the city. We finished off the night with Lupe Tortilla for dinner and Bride Wars that night. Bride Wars was SO cute--I highly recommend it as a chick flick with your girlfriends. I wouldn't drag any boys to that movie, it would probably be torture; but we loved it! We even got a hotel room at the Marriott in town center to complete our perfect, mother daughter bff day.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother who really cherishes the time she spends with her kids! (but let's be honest, I'm the favorite.) And although she birthed Randall too, the mother-daughter relationship is so very special and thank God she puts up with me. all all of my shennanegans.

and I titled this post "The Best Day" because it's a song by Taylor Swift that fits my mamma and I to a tee. The lyrics are perfect and the song makes me laugh! and cry! it's just too cute. It makes me think T.Swift and I would be bff's if we ever met....maybe one day.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogging into 2009

Well well well...... I really thought my short lived "blogging" career was finished after I ended my livejournal in highschool. Little did I know, all of my creative friends and their perfect blogs have convinced me to start one myself! and I thought I always steared clear of the bandwagon ;)

When I was trying to come up with a clever/cute title, (and absolutely nothing came to mind) I tried to narrow it by thinking of possible topics I would be "blog" about...... Clearly, I couldn't narrow my life into a certain topic or idea, hence the title Randomly Rachel. As my mom says, "Rachel's random ramblings" can be quite tiresome to listen to, so I shall blog! about anything. and everything! I always read my sweet friend Amanda's blog and catch myself laughing out loud and commenting (sometimes out loud?) to the most recent posts about her fabulous life, and finally decided I would join the blogging club. It could be one of my short lived projects, or it could turn into one of 2009's successful endeavors!

I do believe this year is going to be a fantastic year--so many fun things in store! Great roommates in our perfect college house, my last semester in Aggieland, (lots!) of weddings to attend, GRADUATING!!, moving to Dallas (and finally being close to Michael Taylor!), entering the real world (and not getting kicked in the teeth) etc. etc...but before I can enter the real world, I should probably find a job?? okay, that's number 1 on the 2009 agenda!

Until I find some other project to distract me,
Rachel :)