Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding update

Guess what's going on 10 months from now?! OH no big thing, just my WEDDING DAY! Can you believe it? I can't.... On October 11th, Taylor and I will have been engaged for six months....six sweet, sweet months.

Having said that, I should really be rocking and rolling with wedding planning! So here are the updates as of late:

WE HAVE BOOKED OUR DREAM BAND!!!!!!!!!! Taylor and I went to a wedding in Longview back in July and absolutely fell in love with the band that played at their reception. And what do ya know? They're Houston based! So naturally, I was convinced this band was made to play at our wedding. They play so many genres, it is sure to be a good time on the dance floor. For a sneak peak at Dry Water, visit their website!

Thanks to Megan Goforth, we found Brooke Ogilvie out of Abilene and I KNEW we had to have her. She is truly talented and we cannot wait to have her photograph our wedding. I was a huge stickler about picking the perfect photographer, which is why I have been researching them for four months......... Luckily, persistency pays off! Brooke will be capturing moments of our special day next July 31 and I am beside myself excited. She will also be doing our engagement shoot (in November!) and my bridal portraits next spring. Check Brooke out!

If you can't tell, I am super excited about the recent vendors we have picked out and booked for THE BIG DAY. In my mind, the band, photographer and videographer (in the works!) are the most time sensitive elements in wedding planning. Florist and cake extraordinaire to come!

On a side note- The AGGIES are playing Arkansas at Cowboy Stadium this Saturday! We will be out there tailgating ALL day (even roasting a pig!) and then the big game is at 6:30. I am SUPER pumped to spend the day with all of our Dallas Aggies. BTHO ARKANSAS!

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  1. Thanks for the wedding update!!! I CANNOT WAIT for your big day!!! I get so giddy just reading about it!!!!! haha!! I know your wedding will be just out of a fairytale!! and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!! Love you rock baby girl. and I love the monogram too!!! Mrs. Rachel Ann Garrison Scott - to be!! 10 short more months!!! :) :) :)